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Whats in your basket this Season?

As we move through this Easter Season Angels we have an opportunity and a choice whet er to CARRY AN EMPTY BASKET OR A WEIGHTED BASKET through this cycle of life.

For me, I have chosen to empty my mind of thoughts that no longer serve me, I have allowed the joy within to come forth and express through me. I have chosen to LET GO and LET GOD lead and guide me! I have decided that I won´t pick up others problems and make them my own! I have chosen to relax into life and sit with the energy of Divine Order working and watch Spirit show up and show out in my life!

It makes for one to feel much lighter, and more peaceful. And THAT, Angels makes ALL the difference in the world of how you experience life! In what ways are you able to make your BASKET lighter? Are you willing to let go of things that you no longer use? or thoughts that no longer serve you? Another thing I have done is clean out my wallet, closets, drawers, and my consciousness as i let go of old thoughts, and threw away old business cards and old papers that I no longer need. It does make a difference!

I encourage YOU to schedule some time with yourself, maybe watching TV and go through drawers, purses, wallets, phone numbers, emails, and see how you FEEL afterward! Take notice of that because that feeling will encourage you to let go even more!

Give yourself the time to sit with your thoughts and feelings and see what you choose to let go of and thoughts or ways of being that no longer serve you! Chose to establish a more trusting loving personal relationship with God, and experience a Lighter basket!

You take a step towards helping yourself and I promise you Spirit will take two and before you know it you will have changed from within outward and your basket of life will be lighter, funnier, more peaceful, and happier!

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