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Who Is Running Your Show?

Do you know? You are walking your Spiritual Path, things are changing,although it mayn´t be as fast as EGO would like for it too, or thinks that it ought be, and yet you are moving forward although it may be with anger, frustration, confusion, and all other negative emotions. 

Yet, have you asked yourself or given any thought to who is running your show or do you just brush things that happen off as happenstance? Or, have you given any thought that you have a hand in all of this?WHO IS RUNNING YOUR SHOW?

You have experienced glimpses of The Promise Land and yet in still you find yourself in that Tug and Pull/EGO energy, and more often than not you don experience life working out how you desire it to be....Who Is Running Your Show?

Your mouth and mind are talking Spirituality and yet you only seem to find yourself experiencing it sporadically and are wondering why you don't see it on a consistent basis?

To that I will say, what you put into Spirituality you will receive from Spirituality. Have you asked yourself WHO'S RUNNING YOUR SHOW?

Your answer automatically comes from your within which says that YOU are running this, and yet your behavior and silent actions, which is your TRUTH are telling you an entirely different story. 

What do you think all that is about?  You say that you are ready to change, to do this or to do that, and yet in still it seems like NOTHING changes, or if it does change it isn´t in the manner, form or way that YOU thought it ought come about. Have you asked WHO'S RUNNING YOUR SHOW?

I had a difficult time understanding this concept until I didn´t anymore. And you know what changed me? When I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Then and only then did I consciously choose to LET GO AND LET GOD & BEGAN ALLOWING and stepping out on FAITH. That is when I truly began to see who/what was running my life. Have you asked yourself WHO'S RUNNING YOUR SHOW?

Let me tell you, it was not easy! EGO was screaming LOUD, and I had to do something with that and that is when I choose for EGO to become my best friend! That's right. I would sit down and talk to my EGO like I was talking with my best friend, and over time, it did not happen overnight, and yet over time I could feel EGO begin to loosen its grip. Simple YES, Easy NO!

It is because EGO has been running the show for Eon's that EGO will not just give in and turn all control over to Spirit- IT WILL NOT HAPPEN! IT JUST WON'T! 

What will happen however, is, if you choose to work at it, if you choose to invest the time in yourself, if you choose to forgive yourself and others,and change your thinking, and allow yourself to TRULY step out on FAITH and accept positive energy into your BEING, that over time and investment into yourself you WILL begin to KNOW and EXPERIENCE, as I AM Living Proof of......WHO'S RUNNING YOUR SHOW!!


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