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YES, I AM Willing To Love Self!

Loving and Hating cannot be in the same space. Which one are you in? Uplifting and Oppressing are not able to be side by side. Which one do you see yourself using more of? Understanding and not listening cannot abide together, which do you do? Overcoming and Fear do not mix, which energy do you find yourself in? Giving and Withholding cannot stand in the same space as it is impossible to give and withhold at the same time. Which do you experience? Creating and Destroying have 2 different types of vibrational energy, which do you notice yourself using more? Fear and Love are not able to be in the same space. Which one do you choose on a daily basis? Life is a choice people. Every question above gives you choice. Their is no "right" or "wrong" There is only what IS. How are YOU doing in accepting what IS? I have come to find out that it is in my resistance too something that is causing me all the upset. I have remembered to allow. Allow what is, and work from there. Spirituality is simple, not easy. So I will not even play with your mind. It takes discipline, focus, intent, desire, strength, willingness, determination, courage, and LOVE for Self to live in this way, and it is possible. I AM living proof of it. So, take that deep breath, and continue to move forward KNOWING that each baby step adds up to one BIG SHIFT, All simply by choosing to LOVE YOURSELF, Truly Loving Self. Are you ready? Do you feel you deserve it? Are you willing to accept it? If so, open your arms wide and say.....YES, I AM WILLING TO LOVE SELF!! BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE

bringing people back to themselves

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