• Heather Buzzard


Angels that is a hard reality to accept. Yet, it is TRUE! For ALL people who say "Oh, that ins't who we are" Let the above picture remind you that IS WHO WE ARE!

Why do we hear about a black man or women dying everyday by the hands of police? You don't hear about white men or women being shot!

What do you think the reason was police were in combat and peppered sprayed a peaceful protest and arrested more than 240 people when we were protesting the George Floyd Murder and yet, these THUGS were being escorted down the stairs by POLICE OFFICERS!!! NOT SHOT DEAD!!

Police were taking Selfies with the Manics yet at the peaceful protest this summer we were tear gased and beat back with police batons! The White folks were able to party through the Capital, wave confederate flags, put their feet up on Nancy's desk and take a selfie and then just walk away!

Angels, you have BLACK AMERICA myself included screaming......What in Hell just happened? What this entire World and Country saw was RACISM at its finest! I KNOW white people it is hard to accept! Yet, the soon to be President and many more said it would have been a very different story if they were black,

Why do you think that is? We all KNOW why that is.....Look at the title of this post! It is time that we need deal with the racism in this country before we can ever move on! Its teaching the TRUTH about History! Christopher Columbus didn't discover america he took it from the Indians that were already here! The traffic lights, E&J Whisky the Cotton Gin and so much were all made by black people yet white people stole it, and patened it and received the money! So, this isn't something that has just started!

White people treated blacks like animals by whipping them with chains, forcing them to all be in one room, raping the women, beating the black man, all that so the white man could have someone else do its bidding! Today, it happens as repressed laws, education, police reform, jails, yet the same concept is in place! What is it about white peoples attitude?

I was raised with a prejudiced mother whom adopted a black baby yet when I got older all I heard was negative things about black people, and I would always say...YOU BROUGHT ME HERE...... Why did you do that? and I have never gotten a response. So to the white man....YOU BROUGHT THE BLACKS FROM AFRICA....why are you bitching now?

Black History needs to be taught so those people who showed up at the Capitol understand BLACKS are born in america and we are US citizens like them! We as a Country can no longer ignore are issues and we as a Country have absolutely NO RIGHT to tell ANY Country about Human Rights or Democracy until we have our own HOUSE IN ORDER!

And it starts with the Truth......YES, THE USA IS RACIST!!!! and now that we have admitted it, lets go to work to change it!


bringing people back to themselves

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