• Heather Buzzard


YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS! Do you believe that? Well, you do.  If you don't have the answers to your life who does? You have asked and began questioning yourself and now your looking for answers, and you know what-YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS

I can remember BEING in that space and because I was the Question Queen I began asking people for answers and each person I would ask would tell me "Heather, I don't have the answers to your questions, only YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS" and after about 14 years running around trying to get answers I finally took someones advice and began to BE STILL and listen to my voice within and began to follow its advice!

And let me tell you, My life changed!  Did a complete 160  degree turn all because I began listening to the answers to my questions some of which I didn't like and because I did not like some of the answers I would create "drama" to stop myself. Unnecessary drama. Sound familiar? All in an attempt to NOT move forward. EGO loves to hang on!

Begin small. That is what I did. Small changes add up to a BIG shift and it is small changes that will also help you come to Acceptance of yourself the more small changes you make, and ANGELS the transformation is AWESOME all because YOU began listening to YOURSELF and began making small changes.   The Confidence you build within yourself is AMAZING! Don't believe me, ask yourself a question right now, right now and listen to the answer come up, believe it, and accept that answer!

ACCEPTANCE is one of the biggest reasons why I feel, people feel that they cannot trust themselves.  Think about it. If you accepted WHO YOU TRULY ARE then you would not fight with yourself or within yourself about ANYTHING and you would KNOW that regarding anything with life......YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS!

Now, here is the catch. We think we don't have the answers,  and because it is what we think, that is what we experience what  other experience can we have except that? Especially if it pulls you outside of your comfort zones and because our Answers do pull us outside of our comfort zones we deny and push down and continue to question what it is that we have told ourselves. KNOWING all the while YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS!

This is YOUR time to stumble, fall, make mistakes, do it all over again, question, fine tune yourself, allow, allow, allow yourself to begin anew. Allow yourself to accept and KNOW that YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS to every question you have about life, the key now, is to TRUST your answers and implement them and WATCH yourself change!

Whet er you realize it or not, All the Change that has happened within you is because you have listened to yourself and implemented the Answers you have received!  As more questions rise up don't overwhelm yourself by "thinking" you don't have the answers as that is not true! Shift that energy and instead as questions come up begin thanking god for the answers and before you know it you will have moved into that!

YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS!  No-body except YOU!  Trust yourself, Trust your choices, Trust that you know, that you know, that you know.  YOU are the captain of your ship, the driver of your car!  It is YOU who has the choice to believe or to not believe that.......YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS and to implement those ANSWERS into your life!


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