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8 Steps To Recognize Your Male Energy

1. Know that God is both Male and Female energy within you.

2.Remember that the Images portrayed in Religion are just that Images and that in TRUTH God is an Energy of ALL things in this Universe and Beyond!

3. Recognize in your life how you are using your male Energy and remind yourself that we are now under the Influence of a Goddess Energy. What does that look like and feel like to you?

4. Open yourself up by meditating and BEING STILL and letting the energy flow to you!

5. Become Aware of how you are moving through life. Are you being abrasive, tough,resistant, and ask yourself how you can be a bit more gentle yet still get your point across, or finish a project, or do something that ´t particularly to your liking.

6.Make Friends with your Male Energy. Invite it in when you need it and thank it for its use and tell it that it will always be needed and appreciate your Male Energy.

7. Meditate, Meditate, Meditate! I can´t state that enough. We are working with UNSEEN Energy Angels and when working with the Unseen you have to let it COME TO YOU! Male Energy is a DOING and that isn´t how life truly works. Life is about BEING! We are Spiritual BEINGS having a HUMAN experience, it isn´t the other way around!

8. ACCEPT IT. Once we accept something we can then work with it! ACCEPT your Male Energy, KNOW that God gave it to you to use for good, and then find a way within yourself to balance your Yin/Yang and FEEL the difference in your lfie!


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