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New Beginnings!

Like nature there is always a new beginning. This picture reminds you that there is always new growth in your life whether you may be aware of it or not, and like the animal kingdom you will either trust that the universe has your back or, you will fight against it which only causes you to continue to stay at the same level with which you produced the problem.

This, is where YOUR free will comes into play. Unlike the animal kingdom, you get to choose whether you will trust this universal energy and flow with it or against it. Your choice. If you choose to flow with the universal energy you will have one experience. If you choose to flow against the energy, fight against it, tell the universe "I got this" you will have another experience, and I feel that we as a human family choose to trust in this universal energy whether we understand it or not because at a deep Soul level WE KNOW that WE KNOW that WE KNOW.

It is that KNOWING which leads you to people you may have never knew existed. YOUR KNOWING will take you places you could only dream about and it is that KNOWING that once you surrender like the flowers in the picture above, that will lead you directly to your life's purpose and why you came to planet earth to BE.

It takes work, nothing works unless you work it. Spirit says action without works is dead. So, that says you have to be willing to put in the work, willing to make some changes that may be uncomfortable in the beginning yet over time as with anything else, it will become second nature. Willing to change the way you think, who you hang out with, change how you choose to look at life. Create a new perspective for yourself. YOU are the creator of your life and you can create ANYTHING you choose.

Folks, Life is meant to be fun, carefree, worry free, You and I are here to shine our light brightly for all the world to see, just like the beautiful flowers in the picture above is here to shine its light for all the world to see.

So, if your in a space right now where you see no light, you feel down and out, and your life hasn't manifested how you thought it ought be, KNOW that that is only a clue pointing you in a new direction, a direction you may have never thought of so that YOUR SPIRIT can shine once all is said and done.

Life is always happening whether you are aware of it or not. Let's you and I remain excited, awake, and aware of all of the.......NEW BEGINNINGS IN OUR LIFE!


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