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Life Mentoring, Coaching, and More Available 

Establish a better relationship with You. With a greater understanding of your Self, you can be in a better position to be who you want to be. Those are just some of the ways that our life mentoring and coaching can help. Here at BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE, we offer life mentoring, coaching, and more to help you in leading the life that you want. 

No matter which of our packages you opt for, they’re all about the same thing; helping you to build a foundation. Specifically, it’s a foundation of Trust, Faith, & and Belief. With those, you can lead the life that you want. 

Give Your Life the Kick Start You Deserve

Does it feel like your life is stuck in a rut? Do you wish you could “restart” your life, hit it with some “jumper cables,” so to speak? If so, then you may be a great candidate for the “RESTART” package. With this, you can recover your foundation of Self, Trust, Faith, and Belief. Or, if you already have that, you can strengthen it, using it to help you to get to where you want to go. 

With three thirty-minute one on one sessions, you'll discover the truth of who you really are, focus on the areas of your life that you want to improve, and experience what real support, encouragement, and inspiration can do for you. You’ll develop the sorts of tools that can help you to make good on a plan to move forward in life. 

Become In Tune With the New You 

Are you interested in building your foundation but are looking for a bit more guidance and inspiration? If so, then the RETUNE coaching package may be right for you. This is a more intensive package, as you’ll meet with Heather Buzzard six times, once every couple of weeks. 

This will provide much of what you’ll get in the RESTART package, yes, but you’ll also receive plenty of worksheets and proven exercises. Each of those can help you to continue growing and developing between sessions with Heather. That way, you can build on what happens in those sessions, helping you to make real, lasting progress on your journey. 

Empower Yourself to Become Unstoppable

Are you looking for a comprehensive coaching program? Do you want to take giant steps forward towards the life that you choose? If so, then you should consider the RE-EMPOWER coaching package. This is BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE’s most comprehensive coaching package. It includes everything in the other two packages, yes, but it also includes so much more. 

You’ll receive 10 sessions with Heather weekly. If you’re in LA, you'll receive two 20 minute Reiki healing sessions or, if you’re outside of SoCal, you’ll get two extra 30 minute phone calls. Weekly encouragement is part of this as well in addition to so much more. This is our most powerful package in many ways. 

Life Mentoring to Fit Your Life 

The above are the coaching packages that we offer here at BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE. However, they’re far from the only way that we can help. Indeed, you can even schedule a phone support package with Heather to help you to navigate through life feeling supported. 

If you’re unsure about whether or not this is for you, we encourage you to learn more. You can see Heather’s many podcast appearances, videos, and so much more. You can also learn more by calling us or messaging us through our site. 

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