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Spiritual Development: Bringing You Back to Yourself 

Do you feel disconnected from yourself? Does it seem as if there’s something lacking in your life, but you can’t quite determine exactly what it is? If so, you aren’t alone. Indeed, so many feel that way nowadays. Heather Buzzard, at BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE has certainly felt that way in the past. If it feels like you have so much but something is missing, then it could be that you aren’t in touch with your spirituality. Spiritual development is just one of the many ways that BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE can help. 

This is just one of the ways that BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE supports folks just like you in healing, in growing, in becoming the New You that you would like to be. If you want to learn more about developing spiritually or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

What Spiritual Development Is (and What It’s Not) 

So often, when someone talks about “developing spiritually” or they just read or see the word “spiritual,” they think of organized religion. It’s natural to think that, but here at BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE, that’s not how we define spirituality. Indeed, we see it as entirely separate from organized religion. 

Much of contemporary organized religion, as BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE founder Heather Buzzard found, is about telling someone what they can’t do. It can be more interested in telling someone who they aren’t rather than helping them to find who they are. 

Developing spiritually with BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of that. Here, we’re about lifting you up, helping you to lift yourself up, so that, in time, you can be the person that you’ve always wanted to be. 

Not About Restriction, But About Freedom and Growth 

It’s understandable if you read the above section and thought that developing spiritually here is about losing something, removing something from your life. Sure, that's how it can be for some people. However, here at BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE, we believe it’s not about losing something that you had but rather about accepting something new, something joyous, into your life. 

Too often in our lives, we may feel restricted by others’ plans for us. Maybe someone told you that you had to live a certain way, that you had to do things in one particular way, and any deviation from that was wrong. 

We can help you to cast that aside for something better, a change that makes it easier for you to be who you would like. 

Finding and Embracing Your Joy in Life 

This kind of change can be scary. So many of us, whether we’re aware of it or not, are living our lives in the manner that was expected of us. You may feel like you want to move past that, but, the actual “doing” of it can be intimidating, even scary. That’s OK! That means you’re doing real work, you’re doing real change. BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE can help you to not just overcome those feelings, but to embrace them, turning them into real excitement. 

Develop Spiritually, Personally, and More 

Developing spiritually is just one of the ways that we can help. Between our affirmations, online sessions, coaching, and more, we have plenty of ways of supporting you as you move to the next, exciting stage of your life. To see how we can help, reach out to us through our site or call.

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