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AM I Worth It? Of Course You Are!!

I can remember, and even sometimes now, I can get the feeling that what I may have to do for myself is "too much". I can remember many nights that I did not desire to listen to forgiveness tapes, go to classes, read books, learn about love, commune with Spirit. My EGO had other things it desired to do like go to the beach, sit and chill outside, go shopping, be on the computer, talk on the phone, ANYTHING except Self Improvement.

Giving into what I described above is allowing EGO to control the show for you. I can say NOW, looking back I AM blessed, and grateful that I DID NOT allow EGO to run the show. Yes, it was a lot of work, a lot of tears, a lot of anger, and yet, the FREEDOM I have today BECAUSE of the work I would not trade for anything. And you too, can have this same experience if you are willing to put in the work.

The whole idea of Spirituality is allowing the energies of ease and grace to flow in, as, and through ALL areas of your life. To release and LET GO of any ANGST energy that may be blocking you. Affirmations, forgiveness work, prayer, meditation, counseling, and group work all give you the tools with which to mold, shape, and recreate yourself anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision of WHO YOU ARE!

All you need do, is ask and answer 1 question of yourself....AM I WORTH IT? Whatever answer you give to that will determine the amount of "work" you are willing to put in. Now, every-BODY'S answer automatically is YES, and I would invite you to truly look at that and to truly ask yourself, AM I WILLING? Willingness plays a HUGE role in changing. And, if your answer is NO at this time, that is okay too. You may have to go back and do more releasing of your anger to truly feel worthy to move on.

I will say that Worthiness plays a HUGE role in RECEIVING! I have come to find out that this Universe will give me what I expect. If I think I can't, I won't and to expect something different from myself only frustrates me more. How worthy do I feel I AM? Can I say YES to me?

Bottom line, it comes down to what YOU feel you deserve, what you feel you are worth working for, asking for, and Receiving. TRUE SELF LOVE asks this 1 question and answered can change your life forever.....AM I WORTH IT?....I SAY YES!


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