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Are you Fearful of Consistency?

If you are newly into Spirituality and you are experiencing your life as a roller coaster ride, I promise you if you continue on you will come to a point where some type of stability will set in. I KNOW it does not seem like, nor feel like, that will happen, and yet it does happen.

As one who has walked this Spiritual Path, CONSISTENCY does become a part of your life. You will experience this no matter where you may be on your Spiritual Journey. It may be up and down, until you implement your Spiritual tools, and in doing so, your behavior will become more consistent, and also you will establish a new lifestyle.

With anything that is NEW in life, we first need to go through an uncomfortable period, and it is when you are able to make it through to the other side that you discover that BEING uncomfortable was worth it.

I AM one to believe that ALL starts with thought. If you tell yourself you are doomed, so shall it be. If you tell yourself you are a winner, so shall it be. I AM a big believer in what you think, and what you speak, is what you create. What are you thinking, speaking, and creating about YOUR Spiritual Journey?

Consistency cannot help except be a part of your life if you are consciously choosing how you are going to BE in any situation, (or even if your aren´t) which is why if you stick with it, eventually ALL will even out. I can hear you saying " Well, it needs to happen now "because I AM going crazy." and you know it happens when it happens, so what, or who, is driving you crazy or overwhelming YOU, if not YOUR own thoughts about it.

And really, if you look at your life you can see that YOU are consistent in some things where I will ask you, are those behaviors benefiting or limiting you? Is your consistency uplifting and moving you forward, or is it keeping you in a behavior that you consciously say you do not choose anymore? Waking up to ALL of this is part of the journey of becoming conscious.

You do have consistency in your life in some way, shape, or form, so why not become a conscious participant and establish your own behavior, and become consistent in behavior that YOU choose, instead of allowing the behavior to choose for YOU. I promise you, if you do that the only thing you can, and will build is....A LIFE OF CONSISTENCY!!!


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