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Updated: Mar 5, 2019

It has taken work, self discipline, conquering negative thinking, allowing, letting go, forgiving, and TRUSTING, all to BE STILL AND LISTEN, Angels to trust myself.

All of that ,you may ask. Yes. For me, it took that to truly understand, digest, and accept that I AM God IS and the more I did accept it and LISTEN the more I believed in myself and in the principals of life.

Sharing your LOVE is truly why I believe that you are here. To share the gifts within you that come out when you choose to BE STILL AND LISTEN. I have noticed in this energy that life COMES TO YOU instead of having to run and chase what you desire!

When I would read back then, what I AM writing now, my thoughts at that time, were doubtful, disbelieving, and non-trusting, which was the exact reason I did not experience it, and yet it is TRUE. Life really does come and find you!

What are you telling yourself? What voices are you listening to? The voice that uplifts you and loves you, or the voice that puts you down and limits you? This is all part of the Awareness game which is why it benefits YOU to BE STILL AND LISTEN!

I KNOW I AM worth it and so to are you which is the best reason to keep moving forward.

Angels, we have entered the Emotional ERA, a time for us to deal with our feelings, to face our Emotions, to hear ourselves, to love ourselves, TRUST ourselves and to....BE STILL AND LISTEN!



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