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Buzzardskorner Of Love Interviews with Fit For Joy!

Angels click on the link below and check out our Interview with Fit For Joy! It was an honor and privelege to be on their show as we spoke about BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE how that came to be and my life growing up!

We spoke about the improtance of Forgivenes, what I felt Success looked like as well as how we came about! As well as many other topics. Valerie asked about what we thought about Life and Death as well as what it is that I use to recreate my life so that I AM an example, There is alot of LOVE positive Energy and I gurantee Angels you will receive something FOR YOU after listening!

Angels, this Interview here and what is now beginging to happen in my life is what I spoke about for 35 years! I AM an example of the Power of your words, and when you keep moving forward eventually you will come into your dream as I AM coming into mine now! ENJOY ANGELS!


bringoing people back to ourselves

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