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Creating A New You!

CREATING THE NEW YOU....this is what you and I are up too.  With each new thought, new behavior, or new way of thinking and doing things, what we are up to is, Recreating ourselves anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision EVER!  I AM excited, I AM happy, and I AM loving myself up as much as I can!

Often times we question change in our life because we are not able to really see what is happening and yet CHANGE is occurring!  I KNOW for me my attitude changes when I feel something new being birthed within which is a signal to me that I AM CREATING THE NEW ME. Are you aware of what signals you receive from yourself?

CREATING I have come to discover is FUN!  I get to choose how I desire to show up in life!  My Guru is reminding me that I AM a multi-dimensional BEING and because that is so, there is more than just ONE WAY BEING and in the 5th dimension I AM remembering that we can have both/and Not only either/or!

Although there are still times where my EGO can jump in and begin to question and wonder if this is all really what it is cracked up to be, AM I really changing?  In which my Spirit Self gently reminds me that I AM!  Disbelief and distrust though can have you begin to question and start thinking  that it may be a bit easier to go back into your comfort zones, and you can begin to argue with yourself and even make deals with yourself and Angels, this is where the CHANGE HAPPENS!

It will be YOUR strength, YOUR determination, willingness, love for self, discipline, wisdom, and standing in YOUR POWER that will help you transform, accept the new space you are in, and relax into this NEW YOU that is being CREATED and as you do you will find that you are more  willing to LET GO and allow the NEW YOU to be born!

 I know it can FEEL scary because you don't know what it looks like, or sounds like and yet this is where you can choose to get excited! Excited over the fact that  You are the one that is CREATING THE NEW YOU so have FUN in answering the question what does THE NEW ME look like?   As an example: One thing that I AM doing is playing with hair. I have been bald for 15 years and now being in a new energy vibration part of CREATING THE NEW ME is wearing hair and trying different styles and Angels, Oh my God what a difference it makes!

This is OUR TIME!  We are here NOW for a time such as this! Your whole entire life has been for this moment right here right now!  Divine Order is at work in this Universe and in your life and you can choose to allow that Divine Order to flow throughout your body and mind, TRUSTING Spirit, TRUSTING yourself, and TRUSTING whatever you choose to call your higher self,  KNOWING that with each new moment of creation you and I are in agreement that we are......CREATING THE NEW YOU!


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