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Do you find yourself in a situation or experience where YOU are CUTTING TIES? Possibly old relationships, your Mom or Dad´s old thinking, old friends, relatives, even work/school type of relationships, whatever it may be do you find yourself in a space of hesitancy?

If so, that is perfectly okay. Acknowledge where you are and give yourself credit for that and keep moving forward. I have found myself in this type of situation regarding my Adoptive Mother. It has been 7 years or so and I have just now realized that I AM CUTTING TIES with her so that I can BE FREE!

CUTTING TIES of pleasing her, of how SHE thinks my life should be, of ALLOWING her way of thinking to influence my life. I AM CUTTING TIES from an energy of FIXING somebody, of Non-acceptance, of Not liking Self. I AM CUTTING TIES from an Energy of Negativity! I AM FREEING MYSELF!

Which is what happens when the Contract you have with that person has come to Completion. In my 20's and early 30's I CUT my TIES with my Father and I used a whole lot of drama to do it! This time with my Mother, it was not so much drama as there was a sense of "PROVING" to her that I was okay, and you know what Angels, that is what is FREEING ME!

Finishing my Contract with my Mother has shown me that I AM FREE. FREE from her Energy of "having to prove myself" FREE from trying to get her to see that "I AM okay, accept me, love me, see I AM okay." Angles I have spent most of my Adult life trying to "prove" that to my Mother all because she did not like herself!

And it was the dislike for herself that she put on me as a child that ever since until now, I have always felt that I was not good enough, that nothing I do or don't do will satisfy her, and Angels it has come to me that I AM CUTTING my TIES from her as I AM BECOMING FREE!

FREE to move on with my life. FREE to love me just the way I AM without having to "think" I need to change! FREE from trying to "prove" myself. FREE to be ME! It has been a challenging journey with my Mother as I have gone through all types of emotions trying to "figure out" what was wrong with me" only to come FULL CIRCLE and ACCEPT ALL OF ME!

My Mother has been my Angel. She has helped me kick through the face of JUDGEMENT, SELF-HATE, and NON-ACCEPTANCE of Myself which is why our Contract has ended, and I asked Spirit I said "what about her, she has not changed, what about her?" To which Spirit replied "She has her own journey & it is not up to YOU to make sure SHE changes. Recognize the Changes within YOU and give thanks".

Are you in a situation where you may be CUTTING TIES except your "concerned" about the other person? How will they feel, what will they think, how will I look if I do that, AM I mean, I don't desire to be disliked, Will I still be accepted? And Angels, you can ask yourself questions such as that all day and before you know it years will have passed with YOU still asking the same questions!

CUTTING TIES......FREE'S ME! Nobody else except ME! Do you feel you are worth freedom? Is that a gift that you are willing to give yourself? If you answer NO ask yourself, what AM I afraid of if I do? Spirit is right there to catch you, hold you, and guide you! Do you TRUST? Angels, FREEDOM is Who we Are and Letting go, and Changing are all part of CUTTING TIES......which FREE'S ME!


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