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Easter Renewal!

Happy Easter to YOU!  A day to resurrect old dreams, to release and let go of a limited mindset, to change your behavior and start anew.  Easter if you choose, can represent a new beginning for you.  As the world celebrates the man Jesus, Let's you and I celebrate YOUR Christ consciousness.

Christ consciousness is not BEING perfect, it is forgiving of Self when mistakes are made.  Christ consciousness see's ALL with LOVE and allows LOVE to resolve ALL situations.  Christ consciousness is KNOWING that no matter what your body may be showing you, YOU KNOW that in TRUTH your body is healthy, whole, and complete,  Christ consciousness is forgiving any or all wrongs that you may have experienced, KNOWING it is ALL working together in Divine Order.

Let this Easter, be a reminder to YOU to renew your mind, to KNOW that you have a Christ consciousness, if you choose to implement and use it.  Let Easter be a reminder to YOU that if Jesus the Christ was able to resurrect his body, then you can choose to resurrect your mind.  It is ALL choice.  What do you choose?  KNOWING, that the renewal of your mind renews your life.

Easter is a reminder that you can always start over, change your thinking and you will change the direction that your life is going.  Let Easter be a reminder to YOU that it is NEVER too late to renew your mind, to accept and LOVE all of yourself, KNOWING that if you choose, the Universe will give you another chance, and another, and another.

Christ Consciousness is obtainable.  It takes faith, dedication, willingness, trust, and commitment, yet with those 5 Pillars of life you can build a  life where you too can live in Victory, Peace, Love, and Joy.  We celebrate Easter once a year, if you choose, YOU can celebrate the renewal of your Christ Consciousness on a daily basis, becoming clearer and clearer in who and whose you truly are.

YOU are LOVE, YOU are JOY, YOU are PEACE,  YOU are HAPPINESS, YOU are HEALTH and WHOLENESS.  This is the true nature of YOUR BEING.  Allow this Easter to remind YOU that it is NEVER too late and whenever you choose  you too, if you allow yourself can have a direct experience with.....YOUR CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS!!


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