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EGO or GOD Consciousness

that is the choice we have to make Angels, as we as Humanity are at a Crossroads with life!

Congratulations to YOU!!! You have found yourself on the Spiritual Path and have come to realize that your liking this path as you begin to notice the connection between what you think and speak is beginning to manifest. And it is then that you realize I have the power to control my circumstances and situations, and that is when EGO can become fearful and will do everything in its power to remain relevant.

Think about it, your in a situation where something you do not care for is happening so you choose to change it. You do that by maybe doing some breathing and talking to yourself, and if someone else is around you may reach out and talk with them. Next thing you know, the situation or circumstance has changed. You feel better. Do you really? Did you use EGO or God consciousness to change that circumstance? Were you even aware?

This can occur over a period of a couple of months so you may begin to start thinking " I have got this, this is a piece of cake, I KNOW what I AM doing." Next thing you realize is that your not experiencing life the way you would like to. Instead of living life through the Heart Charka which was your goal to begin with you notice that the EGO has taken over and you find yourself spinning in a cycle of confusion, doubt, worry, and so on.

What do you think happened? It is not that the principals don't work, it is not that you cannot work them. What do you think happens when one gets caught in a never ending cycle of doubt, worry, fear, control, and the like? That is correct. NOTHING!

And Angels, I get caught up in EGO as well ! I AM more aware now when I do make comments under my breath about people and I recognize the energy that comes back to me, and am able to understand the reason for it and move through it easier.

EGO can, and does play tricks on you. It helps you to a point in life and when it is time for the EGO to let go so that YOU can move on it does not choose to do that. Instead, it will find all kinds of ways for you to "think" that you need it, for you to "feel" that you cannot function without it, and yet the key Angels is to make EGO your friend.

And one way of having EGO become your friend is replacing thoughts of control, and fear, and what not, with thoughts of love, joy, peace, oneness, compassion and the like.

In order for YOU to move on, making friends with your EGO is a part of the deal. I KNOW for me, it was a frustrating 14 years. If I can understand my EGO then I will do this this what I used to tell myself until I realized that I may never "understand" and if I truly trust I will let go and allow. Which is what eventually happened.

You too, are able to let go, allow, and make EGO your friend. Notice as you walk this path, be honest with yourself in answering your own questions, and if you find that your EGO is taking you places you don't choose to go, choose again. Your EGO is here to serve you until it does not anymore.

God consciousness ISN´T EGO! God consciousness is LOVE, PEACE, JOY, ONENESS, UNDERSTANDING, TRUST, and the like. Are you aware if your EGO is serving you? Do you care? What is YOUR choice.......EGO OR GOD CONSCIOUSNESS!!!


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