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FEAR STOPS YOU. No if, and's, or but's about it. FEAR STOPS YOU. If you feel like you will not have something, not be good enough, not be liked, not be loved, not feel adequate, then you will not do it, spend it, or create it. Do not allow yourself to fall into that trap. This is YOUR Time! This is your moment to come into who you truly are.

Below is a video of Neale Donald Walsch talking about FEAR. It was him and his CWG book series that woke me up. I love him. He is a very wise man. Listen to this video with your inner ear and allow yourself to receive this gift. ENJOY!

If you take heed to what this man is saying and choose to implement it in your life, I AM here to tell you that YOU WILL CHANGE. It is the only thing that can happen. When Neale came out in the 90's I was in that space of FEAR, until I was not anymore. The only way that I moved from that place of FEAR was to implement these teachings, to let go, to trust, and to take that leap of faith! I have done that and am now experiencing my life as a Professional Healer helping others to come into who they truly are. When I first read CWG I knew then that I had a longing to teach this wisdom. That was in the 90's that I felt that. It was not until lattter in the late 90ś that I actually began teaching, writing, counseling, and helping others to discover their Inner Wisdom. You too, can have this experience of coming into who YOU TRULY ARE! First decide and KNOW you are worth it, then begin reading the CWG series, if you haven´t already and keep yourself open.

Open to allowing your gifts to come to you. I AM living proof of this. I AM that which I AM, and so too are you....DON'T HAVE YOUR FEAR STOP YOU!!! BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE

bringing people back to themselves

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