• Heather Buzzard



What is feminine energy to you? Is it just looks and fashion, is it how people carry themselves, does it have anything to do with what the person is like within, is it none of these, or all of the above and more? True Feminine energy has more to do with what is inside of a person than what the outer covering looks like. Yet, society has placed so much on the outer — on looks, on how you dress, on how you talk, walk, what you're wearing, the latest trends, etc. It takes a strong person to shake that off and create their own!! Can you? Yet, what if I were to say to you that True Feminine energy is treating yourself with love first, then others! It is also softness, kindness, how you treat your neighbors, co-workers, and friends. 

Do you respond to life with excitement and joy or do you respond to life with anger, and contempt?

We all have the ability to tap into our feminine energy whether male or female.

A good way to tap into that space is meditation, prayer, affirmations, and exercise. Get involved in group activities, because having to share or work with a group brings great opportunities to allow the feminine energy to shine! Feminine energy talks things out instead of fighting, feminine energy allows for disagreements, and feminine energy says we will come back and talk and come together in ways that will work for all involved.

Feminine energy cares with a soft heart and also disciplines.

Feminine energy is Mother Nature, Angels! We see how powerful Mother Nature is! It is only women who are able to create life and bring it into this world! Mother Nature is the only one that can open a seed, grow a flower, create the wind, takes care of all the plants and animals on this planet! That is how powerful it is! Angels, what do you choose? I AM choosing to tap into my Feminine Energy because I AM worthy of living a life of joy, peace, ease, and grace. And so too are you! BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE bringing people back to themselves!

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