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Happy Independence Day to you Angels!! 

As we approach the day that we Americans celebrate  our Country's freedom and while we do that and enjoy our family¨s and barbecues let me ask you when the last time you celebrated your independence?  

Have their been times in your life where  you may have not felt free?   Possibly in your thinking, or your Career? If so, did you take any steps to change it? or, did you just accept it, and tell yourself "that, that is just the way that it is?"

NO-THING stays the same unless we choose for it too.  Nobody or No-thing outside of YOURSELF can ever give you the independence your SOUL desires to experience within.  It is within that I have experienced my Inner Peace.  It is within where I KNOW that ALL truly is well, It is within that I AM.  I AM happy, I AM peaceful, I AM joy, I AM love, I AM understanding. I AM BEING, what are YOU BEING on this Independence day?

Do you desire freedom? Freedom from a limited mindset?  Freedom from being tied to what others think of you?  Freedom to live your life how you choose to see fit?  Freedom to KNOW that whatever it is you desire that you believe it is already yours and are only waiting to receive it?  Freedom to make choices and not be concerned about the outcomes?  Freedom to experience, anything that YOU desire?

If so, then take this day and make a little time for yourself to experience whatever piece of Freedom you desire.  I have come to experience that it is in ALLOWING myself my freedoms that I  AM able to allow others their freedoms as well.  I have come to experience that when I AM free, I treat others with more respect, I AM open more, I AM loving more.  I have come to experience that BEING FREE, for me, is LOVING MORE.

Take this Independence day and give yourself some INNER INDEPENDENCE!  INDEPENDENCE within only makes  you stronger, loving, and compassionate.  INNER INDEPENDENCE means KNOWING that you KNOW that you KNOW, that you KNOW, no matter what anything outside of yourself is showing YOU!  

For me, that has been my experience of FREEDOM, KNOWING that TRUE freedom really is......FREEDOM WITHIN YOURSELF!


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