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Happy Labor Day Angels!

HAPPY LABOR DAY! Here in America we are celebrating Labor Day. A holiday for all those who work. A day of appreciation for all the hard work that is done in this Country on a daily basis that others do not choose to do, I say Thank You. And, lets celebrate a LABOR OF LOVE DAY as well!

HAPPY LABOR OF LOVE DAY! How much love can you amass today? How much love can you give on a daily basis? Not only to another but to yourself as well? How much or how long can you ALLOW yourself to relax into this day of love? How much LOVE can you allow yourself to feel and share just for this day alone? Do you feel guilty loving yourself? If so, look to see where that comes from, KNOWING that if you don't love yourself nobody else will either!

LOVE! That is what LIFE is about. That is who and what we ARE. BEINGS OF LOVE! I have come to the understanding that EVERYTHING in life has the energy of LOVE behind it and it is up to me to look for and recognize the love within each human BEING and each situation that I choose to go through! Simple, YES. Easy, NO.

EGO is a big reason why it is NOT easy. EGO, if you listen to it and have not taken the reigns of it, will tell you all kinds of things and lies to get you to NOT release and let go! EGO KNOWS that it is in the letting go that changes you, builds trust within yourself, allows you to LOVE yourself, and eventually puts EGO down all together which it does not desire, and it will fight with you all the way to the end.

Unless, you make a different choice. A choice that can only come from deep within yourself. A choice to allow yourself to love,to allow yourself to open, to allow yourself to TRUST, to truly allow yourself and give yourself permission to have the experience of a...HAPPY LABOR OF LOVE DAY!!


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