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Happy Thanksgiving To You!


What does this picture remind you of? For me, it is a time of change, and letting go, a time for rest, and a time for replenshing!

It is no coincdence that the holidays are around this time of year!

Everything in life needs to change and rest. Wheter it be Mother Nature, The Animal Kingdom, The Jungles, The African Plains, or Godś Children, we all need to change and we all need rest.

Life is all about CHANGE. Their is no getting around it for Life is unable to go forward without it. With that being said, where or what is it that you are willing to Let Go of?

Unforgiveness, Judgement against self, regrets about life, victimization, talking negative, OR, ask yourself how can I implement more positive change in my life?

The whole point Angels, is that YOU are in control of how you choose to experience this thing called life and YOU get to choose! how awesome is that?

We here at BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE say Happy Thanksgiving and Thank You to all of you! For you truly are Angels in my life! Have a blessed and safe holidays to all!


bringing people back to themselves

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