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Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birth-day to you! Angels, we here @ BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE are celebrating our birthday today & we´d like to share ours with yours!

Your a September Child or Even a Libra Child, Happy Birthday to YOU! Take out the time to honor your BIRTH- DAY...the day You/I/We said YES to life to experience ALL of life, its ups, downs, and all the in between!

We are here for a purpose, are you fulfilling yours? September kicks off Fall, New beginnings, change of season, changes in our life, and in the world. I know for me, I AM noticing changes within myself, how I view life, & myself.

Self Worth, Self Care, & Self Love isn´t Selfish, it is acknowledging who you are and giving honor to that, which is why we say take the time to Honor Your BIRTH-DAY!


bringing people back to themselves

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