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How Committed AM I?


Only YOU can answer that. You have been following the rules, doing what it is that your suppose to do, and you have even experienced glimpses of the Promise Land, and yet you just don't seem to be able to keep yourself in that energy space no matter how many times you have went there SOMETHING always seems to pull you back down, I will promise you though that after enough times of that, you will begin to ask yourself....HOW COMMITTED AM I?

BEING frustrated, upset, angry, disappointed, your thinking, your pushing, your pulling and yet STILL you feel like NOTHING is happening. Is that true? That NOTHING is happening or is it true that YOU cannot see what IS happening?

The tug and pull Energy does not work which is why this path takes FAITH! We all have FAITH only it is up to us what we choose to do with our FAITH to either expand it or not! I will say that negative energy or emotions is NOT FAITH! TRUE FAITH is getting up when your down, believing in something bigger even though you can't see it!

HOW COMMITTED AM I to allowing the EGO to drop away? It takes TRUST, It may even take FORGIVENESS WORK, or even ALLOWING, and LETTING GO, or it may be ALL OF THESE THINGS, and a lot more and only YOU KNOW. I KNOW for me, I have had to seriously make a commitment to myself that NO MATTER WHAT, I AM committed to staying on my Spiritual Path!

HOW COMMITTED AM I? Ask and answer that question as it may be showing you that you may need to make a deeper commitment to yourself and TRUST that the Universe will work out the rest for you, OR, it may be none of the above mentioned and you may have to find within your own heart what works for YOU!

The point is to uncover and discover what works for YOU and to stick with it and don´t allow anyone else to tell you that what IS working for you & what ins´t , For you are the captain of your Ship and only YOU KNOW of the things, ideas, or circumstances that fit with you!

HOW COMMITTED AM I? That question can only be answered by and WITHIN YOU! I spoke about this on my radio show that running around outside of yourself won´t benefit you at all except to bring you more frustration, anger, and upset. The answer to this question is only something that can come from deep within your heart and it may take you several times and different experiences to find out what works for YOU, and that is okay!

HOW COMMITTED AM I?.........allow that answer to come from within your Soul and once it has you are well on your way to waking up CONSCIOUSLY!!


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