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I AM PROUD OF God In ME...are you?

Angels, we are so PROUD of our self and because of that, others have told me the same thing! There was a time that I´d hide myself under a bushel or be ashamed of myself yet, today Angels I KNOW better!

We are the Children of God and God doesn´t desire for any of us to HIDE our Light which is WHY, we need BE proud of Who We Are! I noticed that when I was PROUD of me in a humble way, I heard from others as how they were PROUD of me as well!

Which leads me to this, when the Universe gives us opportunities to MOVE FORWARD and LET GO OF THE PAST, there is nothing we can do except Pass with Flying Colors as we have done this past week!

Our Mother is now with our Father traveling the Soul Verse together and Angels at our Celebration of Life for her this past weekend I passed with Flying Colors and have FINALLY closed that Chapter of my life with LOVE for good!

And Now, we have began Recreating a NEW life, a NEW me, a NEW opportunity, EVERYTHING NEW because we FINALLY closed our past with LOVE.

I now understand that each door we close has to be done in LOVE in order to truly recreate our self anew with Confidence, Love, Faith, & Trust in Self which is why I AM PROUD OF God In ME.....are you?


bringing people back to themselves

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