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It is when the other person or situation mayn't be able to see the beauty in it, themselves or you that you have to be willing to walk away!

I AM moving through that right now as I AM able to see the beauty in them although they are unwilling or aren't able to see the beauty in themselves or the situation. What do you do then?

Angels that is where Self Love kicks in and it isn't always easy to let go and trust that you or the situations will be okay, yet that is where the TRUST of God comes into play! I AM moving through that right now as far as having to deal with the death of my Parent, and the change that is occurring in my Mother due to Alzheimer and letting go of a one sided friendship that I'd convinced myself wasn't that.

It has been difficult for me because it is a Death of an idea, or thought that maybe one day it'd be different! How many of us go through small quiet deaths of a friend, or a job, or an idea, or a church, or a situation in our lives where we KNEW it was suppose to BE!

Reminding our self that Divine Order is truth is one way to move through it, and also reminding our self that we are the Creators of our life, and also reminding our self that we are creating our own journey as is everybody on this planet!

Sometimes it is easier said than done, although that is when you get in alignment with Spirit and ask Spirit to lead, and guide you through this as I AM doing today! My EGO can still get in the way and tell myself that I can handle it without going to God which isn't true!

Angles, Death happens on a second by second basis, whet er it be a person, relationship, idea, thought, experience, whatever it may be and the more that we are able to accept that and flow with Divine Order the easier it will be for us to KNOW WHEN RELATIONSHIPS HAVE EXPIRED!


bringing people back to themselves

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