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Life Coaching Sessions: The Key to Improving Self

life coaching sessions

Does it feel like doubt is eating you up inside? Has it seemed as if you’re questioning yourself no matter what you do, no matter how much you change? Self-doubt can hold you back in your life, your career, or everything else. Heather Buzzard, like so many others, felt the same way. Through “doing the work,” in regards to Improving Self, reaching forgiveness, and so much more, she realized she is worthy and can do the same for you.

In her life coaching sessions, she can help you to realize that you are worthy, that you are good enough to be accepted and approved as you are. There are some little things you can reduce some of the self-doubts you may have. 

Self-Compassion, Being Kind to You 

So many of us are good at extending compassion to other people in our life, to friends, family, even colleagues and pets, but are unable to be compassionate to ourselves. It’s all too easy to criticize ourselves without bringing in any compassion for ourselves. 

Too often, we criticize ourselves for not living up to what others expect of us, of not doing what someone else believes we should do. Instead, we should do what we have to do to allow us to get out of our way, so that life comes to you, rather than you having to chase it down. 

Being kind to yourself is part of an attitude. Attitude matters as much as everything else - when you have a positive attitude, when you have the right attitude, then and only then opportunities appear. 

Life Coaching Sessions: See Your Opportunities 

If you’re like so many who have reached out to BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE over the years, you may feel some version of: “I don’t have many opportunities in life.” All too often, we don’t think we have opportunities in front of us when, what’s really happening is, our self-doubt, our EGO holds us back from taking on more than we think we can handle. 

The truth is that so many of us are more capable than we believe. It’s easy to get very, very good at making one excuse after another for why an opportunity really isn’t one. Be honest with yourself: were there opportunities that you shied away from? That's the kind of behavior that BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE can help with. 

It is possible to live how you want, to take down those mental walls that we put up ourselves that hold us back. 

Seek Out the Good Energy in Your Life and In You 

To get more good in your life, it means seeking out more good in your life. It also means bringing out what’s in you so that you can climb the mountains of belief, faith, and truth. As you make the changes in your life, you can find the joy that comes from changing, yes, but you’ll also find that it’s fun, too. There’s good energy all around you, indeed, but there’s also more good in you, too. Heather Buzzard can help you to create the new, joyous you. 

Improving Self in Many Ways 

Heather has a series of many different ways of helping you improving the self. Through life coaching and other methods, she can help you to keep on even when you’re deep in self-doubt. 

To see how BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE can help you, reach out through her website or give us a call. 

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