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Life is about EXPANSION!

Looking at this picture you see the expansion of the lake, the abundance of the trees, rocks, and what not.  And then you see this little Etty bitty boat.  When I saw this picture I felt it was perfect for exactly this type of conversation.

Where in your life are you in this small boat by choice?  Possibly your thinking, your attitude, your speech.  Do you talk small? Do you think small? Do you have a small attitude? thinking in lack and limitation.   When you are speaking to others do you talk in defeat, lack, not enough, always seem to be struggling? Are you even aware?

I KNOW for me, I have entered a space where GETTING OUT OF THAT SMALL BOAT is no longer an option if for me as I have chosen to experience the fullness of God! Meaning, if By choosing to stay in THAT SMALL BOAT then the opportunities that God has for me will pass me by and THAT I didn't desire to happen! 

Breaking out of THAT SMALL BOAT for me, meant opening myself up to being more sociable with others. Getting out and going places and holding conversations with people which is how opportunities come to you. Think about it, it is through people that things are communicated. People's desires or needs whet er face to face or on face book.

 Who says that I can't do something other than myself? What Story/Truth  AM I telling myself? Who says that I have to think thoughts of limitation? Who says that I can't believe in myself and expect the very best from the universe? Who says that I can't be Rich and have a carefree abundant life?  The difference between those who are wealthy and those who are not is thinking!  I truly believe that.  Do you choose to GET OUT OF THAT SMALL BOAT that you may be in?

One thing I will testify to is it is the vastness in front of you that matters! Not choosing something because it is comfortable, is still choosing! And Angels I AM speaking to me too! Instead of telling myself the same old story and staying in my comfort zone, I got up and did something different! I took myself out. Dressed up nice in heels and makeup and changed my energy. I listened to some great music, had some pleasant conversation, was complimented on my beauty, and was able to be a blessing to someone as well!  All because I GOT OUT OF MY SMALL BOAT!

Life is meant for us to experience as much as we are able to hold and receive in our thinking.  Are you aware of how small or large your thinking may be?  The key here is consciousness and awareness!  I have always said the only thing a person needs is willingness.  Are you willing to.......GET OUT OF THAT SMALL BOAT!!!


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