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Living From Your Heart Space

How often do you live from your heart space?

"Heart Space" you may ask, "what is that?"

Living from your Heart Space is living life, COMING FROM your heart. Not your mind, your HEART.

When you are living life from this perspective life comes to you. It is a KNOWING that you need not go out and chase life because you are choosing to live from your Heart Space. And LIVING FROM YOUR HEART SPACE I notice a sense of Calm. Non-reactive! Powerful, Powerful, Powerful Angels!

Getting to that point requires work. Yes, work. Life will NEVER give you something without you giving it something in return and to think that you will receive the prize without the work being done is only EGO!

The work that is required to move and live from your Heart Space is raising your energy up through your Chakra system so that you are willing to let go, forgive, release, change your thinking, accept and LOVE ALL of yourself, and not take life so personal and shaking off what does not serve you, and consciously being willing to ALLOW Spirit.

Simple yes, Easy no. It takes a person of courage to be willing to look at ALL of themselves and accept and love them self in spite of their flaws. It takes a person of strength to be willing to let go of "how things did not work out" and still love and accept that other person.

It takes willingness to forgive yourself for any "wrongs" that you may have inflicted upon others. It takes determination to be willing to continue moving forward even though outside appearances may be stating to you that NOTHING has changed, and it takes TRUST in being willing to listen to YOUR Spirit, follow what Spirit is saying to you, and living YOUR life how you choose.

It may sound like a lot of work and it is, and it is not. The more you travel the Spiritual path the more you will find yourself doing these things that I have described even though the "ego" part of you may be screaming, fighting, and kicking with each move that the bigger YOU makes.

You will find yourself asking yourself "where did that come from?" "this is not me" "something bigger took over" not realizing that what has happened is YOU have been saying YES to an energy of change and it is that energy that is helping YOU to transform!

LIVING FROM YOUR HEART SPACE is a peaceful way to live. I have come to realize and experience that living from my heart space has opened me up to becoming more sensitive to others, more compassionate towards others, more understanding towards others, and also more loving towards myself which has opened me up to being able to TRULY help others coming from a space of LOVE in my heart. Not a space of "right or wrong" or "condemnation." which makes the entire experience of living much more rewarding and peaceful.

The more loving you are with yourself the easier it will be for you to live from your heart. LIVING FROM YOUR HEART will open you up to so much more life that you will be wondering as to why you did not do it sooner. LIVING FROM YOUR HEART SPACE gives you peace of mind, and balance. Something we ALL are seeking.

I KNOW for me, LIVING FROM MY HEART SPACE has brought me no-thing except more life, more joy, more peace, more love and fun than I thought possible and would not go back for ANYTHING in the world as my life has gotten easier and easier and will continue to do so. Also, LIVING FROM YOUR HEART SPACE, Life comes to you!

It really does! LIFE comes to YOU! The chasing and running and confusion, and frustration are NO MORE! As I AM allowing myself to relax more and more into this space it is only showing me ALL that I have KNOWN to be true and part of my truth is experiencing Life coming to me! And Angles talk about a more FUN way to live!

So, Let me encourage you to desire this way of life. Let me be that example for you to show you that it is possible. Let me lift you up, encourage you, and help you to move forward, KNOWING that...LIVING FROM YOUR HEART SPACE you will receive NO-THING except Love I AM LIVING PROOF OF IT!


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