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Love for a Moment or Lifetime?

AS we end the Month of celebrating LOVE.  Will you continue to celebrate? Regardless of whet er you have someone or don't you can still celebrate the LOVE you have for yourself throughout the rest of this year!

LOVING yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  Spirit is LOVE, YOU are LOVE.

Unconditional LOVE begins within. If you cannot love yourself 100% there is NO WAY you can love another TRULY 100%.  

We have been taught that LOVE is doing for another, and to not be selfish and only think about yourself, and therefore we find ourselves running around trying to people please, accommodate, buy, and all the like, all in the name of LOVE.  Or so we think!

Operating from that mindset for me, I came to discover does NOT work!  I came to finally realize that if I AM always running and doing for another, who is taking care of me?  I have come to realize that if I don't take care of me, NO-BODY else will.  It is in truly taking care of SELF that I will be a benefit to someone else.  It will be because I KNOW how to treat myself with LOVE that I will be able to truly give that LOVE to another.

Think about it, Can you really LOVE another if you do not LOVE self? How can you give from an empty cup.  You can't. Can you truly LOVE another when you have not even accepted and LOVED ALL of yourself? You cannot give something to someone that you have not experienced.  Imagine how Life would be if people truly loved themselves FIRST.

The divorce rate in this country would not be.  Domestic Abusive Relationships would be unheard of, as we would not beat ourselves to  Death.  Dysfunctional homes would be unheard of because where LOVE is, dysfunction is NOT. Where there is an energy of TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, No-thing except that energy of good can be manifested or experienced.

What do you choose to experience?  LOVE FOR A MOMENT OR A LIFETIME?


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