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Angels those of us who grew up in the 80¨s of the energy¨be like a man¨ may have become unbalanced throughout the years. I know for me I took that energy into my 30¨s and 40¨s and I AM now beginning to realize how to truly balance my Yang Energy. In doing so the Yin energy automatically will balance itself!

Male Energy is a forward moving energy. It is a doing energy. Are you Doing, Doing, Doing or are you BEING? The difference is one we use our bodies and Egos for doing, the other we allow the unseen energy to work and trust and believe. Are you willing?

Yang Energy is a positive energy when balanced. Yet look at the world today and we see that our Yang Energy is way out of balance! Matters not how we got here, yet what do we choose to BE from this point forward!

Spirit gave us both yin/yang to help us navigate through this world. Yang energy protects, Yin energy nurtures and Angels we need both to BE happy, healthy, and whole. Look in your life and discover where you can BE more nurturing and then BE that! Look in areas of your life where more doing needs to be done and tap into your Yang Energy for that and Just Do It!

Balance comes from meditation, affirmations, walking, exercise, listening to positive music, joining a community of like believers. Getting involved in community group brings balance to your life as well. It is time that we turn away from our I Phones, Computers, Games, and TV and sit and listen to our inner voice!

Balance Angels! Yin/Yang work together! Unity works! Humbleness works, Nurturing works, Loving works and in the process of that we are DOING! the BE, DO, HAVE paradigm Angels! BE first then the doing and having will have to follow! Pay special attention to what is first! BEING!

Peace and Blessings Angels


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