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Merry Christmas To You!

Merry Christmas to you! This is about YOUR Christ Spirit. YOUR Christ consciousness.  Thank you Spirit for family and friends that I AM able to celebrate! Thank you for the food, the gifts, that I AM able to receive and give. 

Thank you Spirit for showing me ALL of what is possible in, as, and through me.  Knowing that as I open I AM allowing myself to truly experience, see, and KNOW that I AM abundant in all ways.

Today is the day to speak your word, to create YOUR life how you see fit.  YOUR Christ consciousness is what you feel, leads you to your INNER Spirit.  Thank you for the gift I have given myself.....LOVE!

Enjoy this Holiday Season and If you happen to be alone, go next door to a neighbor, say hi to someone sitting on a park bench. Reach out and remind yourself that you are never ALONE. 

I know for me, my parents are no longer here and I have no childeren so I make sure that I AM around friends who love me so that I KNOW I AM not alone even when appearances may say that.

Peace and Blessings to YOU this Holiday.  A day of love, peace, joy, and prosperity.....MERRY CHRISTMAS Angles!


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