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Picking Up The Pieces!

Updated: Mar 26

Are you picking up the pieces of your life?  Have you had a setback or what "appears" to be a setback in your life?  Do you feel you have fallen off a track that you put yourself on?  Do you feel Life is not treating you with love? If you have answered Yes to any or all of these questions I AM here to give you good news.

YES! YES! YES! Thank you Universe for giving me this chance. I have noticed the people that I have spoken with and those I casually meet are going through old things and throwing them away, releasing what no longer serves them and cleaning out cupboards and closets.

I, myself have done the same as I have let go of things I don't use anymore so that I AM able to make room for the NEW! Which is what ALL of us are doing, whet er Conscious of it or not! No coincidence either Angels that we are doing this as a change of Season comes in.  And that is ALL a part of CREATING YOUR LIFE AS YOU CHOOSE!

Make the choice to look at your life as it isn¨t falling apart but rather falling together.  Think about that for a moment. I have contemplated that statement for a long time and really in order for YOU to come into alignment and come together, the old has to Go! Celebrate! That is one thing I have chosen to do. Remind myself daily that my life is getting better and better and better.

Planting a garden, you don't throw the seeds in there without first tilling the soil, and preparing it to accept the seed, and that is what thought, preparation, and cleansing does.  You are clearing the soil, by the releasing of the old and one thing I AM realizing is that releasing does not have to BE NEGATIVE! 

No it does not. Transitions, Change can be smooth, easy, fun, creative, exciting, and whatever else you desire. YOU are the thinker of your thoughts. Life is Creation. Not duplication!  Perspective is how each and every one of us looks at life, positive or negative Contrast What do you choose?

And also the more I live the more I AM realizing that patience is a blessing.  Are you willing to be patient  with yourself and wait for your seedlings or thoughts to  push through and grow?  I still get impatient at times and that is when I remind myself to have patience, breathe, and relax into the process of life!

Angles, I AM here to encourage you and inspire you to recreate anew and do something different, think something different, go someplace different.  All of it opens up the space for NEW Energy to come into play and for NEW things to form in your life!

This being the Month of Renewal.....Angels Renewal is who we are!


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