• Heather Buzzard


PRAYER WORKS WONDERS, and in KNOWING that I felt today would be an excellent day for Prayer.

PRAYER can fill YOU with Hope, excitement, joy, love, peace, understanding and so much more if you allow it and that I feel is one of the reason we don't pray today because somewhere we picked up the idea that "we don't need anyone, or anything to help us." and I myself can fall into that cycle of thinking which I feel is EGO.

As we move deeper into the 21st Century it is changing, and like anything it is a process at first. I believe that as the feminine energies continue to come down even people who fill they are "strong" will find themselves looking within THEMSELVES to solve issues and have peace.

Already, if you're paying attention you will see FATHERS with kids, feeding, pushing, changing their diapers, and in some cases even staying home and playing "Mom" EGO, which is the male energy I feel, will really be put to the side as this Transfer of Wealth takes place.

So, in KNOWING that PRAYER WORKS WONDERS, lets pray:

Thank you, Spirit, for this day, this place, this space, and this opportunity right here right now that each of us who reads these words has to come together to remember who and whose we are! Thank you Spirit, for all the blessings in my life whether I AM able to recognize them or not. Thank you, Spirit, for my health, my wealth, my awareness, and my love for Self. Thank you, Spirit, for leading and guiding me to the exact places that I desire to BE. Thank you, Spirit, for my TRUST, my willingness, my faith, and my KNOWING that you have my back no matter what it may sound like, feel like, or appear to BE. Thank you, Spirit, for my willingness to TRUST you, and to ALLOW you to work in my life. Thank you, Spirit, for my Confidence in myself, my Wisdom, and my Peace. Thank you, Spirit, for EVERYTHING in my life. I AM grateful and appreciative. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...AND SO IT IS!

PRAYER WORKS WONDERS! Repeat this as many times as you feel necessary. Change it up, add something, do whatever it is that you need to do to place this positive energy within you! That is what you are doing: replacing negative energy with the positive!

Simple yes, Easy NO, which is WHY.....PRAYER WORKS WONDERS!



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