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Recognize Your Day!

The wisdom of a 5 year old child! The other day I was speaking with a Client of mine who is going through a transition and in the background I hear a little 5 year old singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME."

What is a BIRTHDAY? Is it just something that you celebrate once a year and don't think about it until it comes around in another year? I would say that most of us look at our BIRTHDAYS like that.

And, what if we did not! What, if like this little 5 year old we said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME" every time we succeeded, or came to a realization about life, or choose to BE instead of DO. What kind of life do you believe you would have?

A kinder one, a gentler one, a loving one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME says that I AM willing to celebrate myself! I AM willing to congratulate myself, I AM willing to uplift, motivate, inspire, and push through BECAUSE I Love Self!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME" honors ME! It says to the Universe that I AM willing to cherish, honor, and respect ALL of me, big or small. Think about it, when you are celebrating some one's birthday you are saying to them" you are important to me. I celebrate the day you came into this World, imagine if you told yourself that on a weekly basis how much different you would feel.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME says to the Universe I AM deserving. I AM worthy. I AM honorable. I AM celebration! And that Angels, does not have a "certain" day attached to it! Like this little 5 year old, you can sing to yourself "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME," even when experiencing and moving through the transitions of life!


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