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Restart, Retune, or Re-Empower: Life Coaching to Build Your Foundation 

life coaching

Have you been struggling to establish a relationship with YOU? Does it feel like your thoughts are muddled, or that you’re disconnected from your feelings? If so, BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE can help. She’s ready to support you with powerful, effective, and proven tools. With her life coaching, you can build a foundation for the life that you want to lead. 

There are three different packages available. Some may be a better fit for you than others. If you have any questions about the right package for your needs or anything else related to coaching, reach out through this site or by calling Heather Buzzard. 

What All the Packages Include 

No matter which package is right for your needs, you’ll receive one-on-one sessions with Heather Buzzard. These can be done over the phone, video, Zoom, FaceTime, and so forth. 

Everyone’s situation is different, with different needs, and different paths towards finding who they truly are. So, in addition to the packages listed below, there are also custom packages as well. These can be for not just individuals but for couples, even families, and others. 

Restart Your Life 

Built around helping you to recover or strengthen your fundamental senses of trust, faith, belief, and self, the RESTART package is all about exactly that: giving you a fresh start. Specifically, BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE gives you the tools that you need to start your journey and to continue on it. As with all of the packages, this will be uniquely personalized to your situation and your life. 

RESTART focuses on introducing you to the power of discovering the real truth of who you are, all while providing support, encouragement, and inspiration for the areas of your life that you’d like to improve. You’ll receive personalized affirmations, yes, as well as a personalized plan for your self-empowerment moving forward. 

Ongoing Guidance and Inspiration to Retune 

The RETUNE package includes more BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE sessions. In those coaching sessions, she’ll work with you to not just help you to identify what it is that you desire to create in your life, but to help you to reach it. Through extensive worksheets, exercise, and more, you’ll begin to receive a clearer and deeper understanding of yourself. 

This is a great package for those who are looking for ongoing guidance as well as inspiration during their trust, faith, and belief journey. 

The Re-Empower Coaching Package: Create the Life You Choose 

The most extensive package that BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE offers, this can help you to change your thinking to a positive mindset in many ways. 

For example, this includes ten coaching sessions with Heather Buzzard, as well as two Reiki healing sessions or two extra phone calls. With weekly encouragement, this digs deep into the areas of forgiveness, self-love, and boosting your self-confidence. It really is possible to create the life that you choose to be empowered to live your life how you want to. 

Life Coaching and More for Your Life 

These packages are just some of the ways that BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE can help you to find your trust, to develop your faith. It’s natural that, before you commit to one of these packages, you want to learn more. So, we encourage you to check out the podcasts, blogs, videos, and more - that way, you can see exactly where Heather Buzzard is coming from as well as how she can help you to get to where you want to go. 

To learn more information, reach out to BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE through this site or by calling. 

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