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When I look at this picture what comes to my mind is Freedom.

Horses I feel are animals that live in freedom because they are able to run free whet er on land or in water.  Horses are also strong animals, confident, determined, focused on their purpose.  A lot of times I AM able to identify with horses.  Are you able to identify?

The ocean I feel represents ALL of life.  Where in your life may you not be giving your talents, thoughts, or ideas any life? Are there desires and dreams you may have given up on?  Life for you and I is meant to live in freedom, to create whatever we choose, to run and live as free as the horses on this planet do, do you believe that?

I feel it is when you are BEING untrue to yourself that resentment, anger, frustration, sickness, and all the other negative energies take root in your consciousness.  If you notice we are a society that spends billions of dollars on trying to feel "good".  I feel 80% of that would disappear if we became a society of people who truly honored who we are instead.

In what ways or areas of your life are you willing to come from a "within attitude" consciously?  Meaning how you truly feel within is what you allow without shame to manifest on the outside.  It is through conscious living that you will discover your inner peace as I AM living it NOW!

We, I feel are equipped with all we need to live a life of peace, good health, wealth, harmony, abundance, and joy if you choose, for I believe that is why the Creator has put us here and as this picture shows you is,........RUNNING FREE IS OUR RIGHT!


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