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Self Empowerment By Focusing on What You Really Want 

self empowerment

Have you been trying to improve yourself and it just doesn’t feel like it’s working? Do you feel out of touch with yourself, like you’re stymied on your spiritual journey? It’s natural to feel stuck in the journey of self-empowerment at times. If you are feeling like this, then BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE can guide you along your journey, helping you to face doubt and keep moving forward. 

That’s what your life coaching can focus on. Instead of just being defined by your ego holding you back, by never leaving your comfort zones, you can move forward into the life that you always wanted to live. 

Self Empowerment - Set the Kinds of Goals That Excite You 

Setting goals is a good idea, but it works best when they're the right goals for you. Of course, you don’t want to set goals so as to live how someone else expects you to live, how other people, society, or anyone other than you wants you to live. 

Beyond that, you also want to set goals that give you time to grow, to develop, to be who you truthfully are. For many, it’s hard to stop any behavior “cold turkey” or to begin any new healthier one immediately. Instead, set goals that you can reach, day by day, moment by moment, and then go with the real change you’ll see. 

To Change Best, Focus on the Root 

So many of us, when we go to change something about our lives, we focus just on the thing that we want to change. Whether it’s some behavior, some bad habit, or anything else, we just focus on it - and not why we do it. 

Instead, focus on the root, what’s causing it. Go as deep as you have to. There’s something within you that’s holding you back. Resolve that and the real you can come out. 

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