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A Spiritual Life Coach for Personal Development: Developing the “You” You Want to Be 

spiritual life coach

Do you ever find yourself questioning if change in your life is really happening? Do you feel like there are signals that you aren’t really fully aware of? So much of personal development is about creating a real, new you. A spiritual life coach can help show you new ways of doing things, new, more positive ways of thinking, you can recreate yourself from wherever you are right now into the greatest, grandest version of you. 

Developing the Strength to Leave Your Comfort Zones 

Comfort zones are insidious. You can feel like you’re stretching yourself, you can feel like you’re happy, like you’re progressing, but you’re just in the same place. If you trust yourself, you can move beyond your comfort zones - that’s where CHANGE HAPPENS. That’s where your life really is. 

What makes it even tougher is that, after you’ve made some progress, you can slide back into your comfort zone all too easily. By building your strength, and drawing upon your determination and willingness, you can take those steps forward to stand in your POWER. 

Keeping Ego Out and Bringing Your Power In 

Ego, at any time, can butt in and start to ask questions. These aren’t good questions, the kind that push you towards change, but they’re the ones that ask if this change is really worth all of this. Ego may very well try to push you back to your comfort zones, telling you some version of: “This is who you’re supposed to be.” 

But, the truth, your truth is, that you’re worth so much more than that. You have so much more in you. Through a combination of discipline and loving yourself, you can transform utterly, into a new you that you can relax into. 

The “Little Things” That Add up 

It’s all too easy to think: “Well, I’ve been trying to change for a while, but it’s not working, I don’t need to keep trying.” That’s just not true. Instead, you really can change in the blink of an eye. What it comes down to, so often, is changing the entire vibration of that which you’re asking the world for. 

How do you do that? A very effective tactic: identify the root thought of what you want. It’s so easy to sugarcoat things, to tell yourself you want it because you were expected to want it. Instead, identify what's at the root, and change it for the better. You’ll be amazed at what can happen. 

Spiritual Life Coach to Help with Personal Development 

The above is just some of what’s touched on in life coaching and our other sessions. Angels know this is a process, it’s one step by one step, always trusting yourself, respecting yourself, and ultimately, loving yourself. 

Through personal development and growth, you can find all that which you had feared, which had caused you so much pain, you no longer fear. Why? Because the energy of possibility will have started to take over. Once you give yourself to that flow, then you can see exactly how your life has changed. 

To see how this can work for you, we encourage you to reach out to Heather through the site or give me a call. 

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