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The Mental Transformation That Can Make a Difference In Your Life 

Are you looking to change your life but you aren’t sure where to start? Do you want to take steps into a life of joy and happiness yet don’t know how to begin? That’s perfectly understandable. These days, we are so distracted, in so many ways, that it can be difficult to make the necessary changes that deep down you know are right. BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE can help you to make the kinds of mental transformation that can truly transform your life. 

Everyone’s journey is different. Your journey will not be like that of another person. But, BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE utilizes Heather Buzzard’s experience, what she’s been through and what has worked for her. We can use that as a starting point on your journey, a guidepost, so to speak, on your journey of getting to where you want to go in life. 

From “I’m Not” to “I Am” 

That’s one of the biggest transformations you can make. Even though it’s only a few syllables, it can have a profound effect on essentially all aspects of your life. Indeed, if you’ve ever seen Heather Buzzard in one of her videos or appearances, then you know that, more often than not, she wears a pendant that says “I AM” on it. There are many reasons for that. 

Too many of us, all too often, are too negative to ourselves. We say the meanest, most wretched things to ourselves that we would never, ever say to someone that we cared about. All of these negative comments can be, in one way or another, analogous to a form of “I’m not.” 

You’ve probably heard them yourself: some version of “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not worthy of love,” “I don’t deserve to be happy,” and so forth. 

This transformation with Heather, then, changes that. It changes it right at the root. You go from “I’m not” to “I am.” “I am worthy of love.” “I am worthy of happiness,” and so forth. That can make all of the difference. 

From Dishonesty to Truth With Yourself 

Now, the above having been said, that doesn’t mean that this transformation can be easy. Far from it. It can be challenging, intimidating, even scary. But, this journey will 1000% be worth it angels. When you’re able to say “I am,” there is nothing that you can’t do. 

For starters, when you're able to say “I am,” you’ll be more likely to be truly honest with yourself. So often, when we're being too negative with ourselves, we aren’t being honest about who we are. We aren’t being honest about our strengths, our opportunities. We’re more likely to be harsh on ourselves because we're living our lives as other people have wanted us to. 

When we live a life filled with “I am,” however, we don’t worry about any of that. We embrace challenges. We embrace that which is in front of us without being held back by that which is behind us. 

More Than a Mental Transformation 

This transformation can have an incredible effect on you, rippling through so much of your life. It won’t happen overnight, it may take time, but it really will help. When you step into the life that you want, you can truly live happily. 

BUZZARD’SKORNER OF LOVE can help. To learn more about how our healing can help you to transform mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, reach out to us through the site or call.

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