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Have you ever thought much about THE POWER OF LOVE?

I can remember way back on my journey when I read about LOVE and the POWER that it carried. The fact that LOVE can heal anything, LOVE can open up, LOVE can melt away prejudices, LOVE changes! 

I have found myself in a space where I have noticed LOVE is my ruling energy. People who have entered into my space have commented on how they have felt positive, uplifting energy, which is in my eyes confirmation from the Universe of where my vibration is. I AM also a living example for others to see.

LOVE heals. That is when you KNOW that you are around LOVE, it helps one to feel safe, to open up, to trust, to listen too. It allows one to feel like they are not alone in this world and that someone understands them. Fathom unconditional LOVE which Spirit is, that being so, it can only be said that there is NO WRONG at all.  Think about that.

As I allow myself to open more and more to this energy I AM   practicing detachment from life and the more that I have been doing this the more the Universe has shown me that I TRULY AM taken care of and LOVED!  Where in your life can you begin to use THE POWER OF LOVE?

Possibly start with yourself and something small. Nobody needs to know what you are doing except you and whatever you choose to call your Higher Power!  One of the ways that I allow LOVE into my life is by sitting with the energy of the good times in my life. Giving myself a half hour to soak in an enjoy what just occurred.   If your able to absorb the negative you can absorb the positive just as easily.

LOVE is Acceptance.  Acceptance of WHAT IS and finding a way to enjoy that!  That is what I AM coming to discover and experience.  I AM grateful, I AM appreciative and I thank Spirit for my humility, wisdom, and grace to use this energy for NO-THING except good!

THE POWER OF LOVE......have you ever given it much thought?


bringing people back to themselves

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