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What Are You Telling Yourself?

Are you reliving your problems over and over in your mind or are you telling yourself a new story? A story of Faith and Victory? If your not quite sure what you are telling yourself look at how you feel. Are you at peace or do you feel frustrated and confused? Are you happy or telling yourself all the reasons why you are a victim? WHAT ARE YOU TELLING YOURSELF?

How many times throughout the day are you telling yourself that you are loved, and that all is taken care of? How often are you saying if a problem arises that Spirit has all this taken care of and all I need do is trust?

If you have a sickness in your body do you tell yourself that your body is able to heal itself and with your cooperation, God and your body can restore it's self back to health through the healing power of your word? OR, are you telling yourself that this sickness is getting the best of you and you don't know how you will make it, and you find yourself in a space of complaining? WHAT ARE YOU TELLING YOURSELF?

We create our lives by what we think and what we speak. What are you reminding yourself of? Positive thoughts or thoughts of negativity, frustration, confusion, distrust? Whatever you focus your mind on, whatever you tell yourself over and over is what you believe and what will come to pass in your experience called life. Are you aware if you are blaming someone or something else for your way of life and where you are at this moment? WHAT ARE YOU TELLING YOURSELF?

I KNOW for me becoming conscious of my thoughts and accepting responsibility for the way my life was at that time was not easy for me to do. My EGO self was trying to figure out, make deals, blame, NOT take responsibility for my behavior or thoughts, and I was stuck in that energy for years. It was a difficult trying period of my life, and it also clearly showed me the difference of My Will and Spirit's Will. Which I feel is the point.

A key to being able to distinguish the difference is Spirit's Will will always have you be at peace. Spirit's Will will flow with ease and grace, and things that you may need will show up with no effort on your part at all.

Spirit's Will is having that feeling of TRUST no matter what it may look like, sound like, or appear to be. EGO'S Will is being angry that life is not working how you think it should. EGO'S Will is making sure that you have guarantees in life first before taking action. EGO'S Will is directing, controlling, and being frustrated because you are not receiving what you desire.


Angels, I cannot stress enough how important it is to become conscious of the fact that what you think and what you speak is what you will create. If you are always complaining, and unhappy and telling yourself and everyone else why your life is the way it is and that it will never get better, and woe is me, I'm a victim, then that is the type of life you will experience. WHAT ARE YOU TELLING YOURSELF?

KNOWING you have the power, and the key to accessing that power and using that power to your benefit is by getting control of your EGO, your thoughts, and your speech and directing that energy in ways that are more productive for you.

It can be done as I AM Living Proof of it. You are on this path or you would not be reading these words right now, Now it is up to you to decide how you will go about becoming aware of the fact that YOU have the power and you can control that energy any way that you choose....WHAT ARE YOU TELLING YOURSELF?


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