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What do we know?

Really, what do we know? We claim to BE an Expert about Wordly things, such as Medicine, Health, Psychology, Exercise, Sexual behavior, Children, this planet and so much more Yet, What Do We Know?

We are told to ¨grow up¨ go to school, get educated, have a family, raise kids, work, and if we don´t do that then we aren´t being ¨productive people¨ of Society Yet again, I say What Do We Know?

We listen to the news and are told what to believe, we go to church and are told about God, we go to Experts to tell us about our self, we go to Doctors, Lawyers, Priests, and we heed their advice yet if it doesn´ t work out then we blame, get upset, and our felt that we have been wronged in some way. Yet again, I say What do we know?

We ¨think¨ we know what we are being, doing, & having yet do we really? Because if you go back and reread all that was written you may notice the one thing we don´t do is the first thing we need do which is instead of going to outside resources the first place we need turn and the first person we need listen to is The God Within Our Self! Yet, again I say What Do We Know?

And, it is because we feel that we DON´T KNOW and that someone else does KNOW better that we have been taught since the beginning of time to look outside of our self and to listen to someone else about our self and it began in the Church filling our self with Self doubt, Self hate, Self judgement, and so much more!

So, I will end where we began, what are you telling yourself? who are you listening to? Who do you claim to be? Do you believe that someone else KNOWS you better than you KNOW yourself? Do you even KNOW yourself? Which is why we say Yet again, What Do We Know?


bringing people back to themselves

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