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What Is Yours?

How many of us are willing to do what is written above? I can remember being a little kid and boy, did I have BIG dreams! I grew up in Michigan and said I´d one day live in Los Angeles.....(Doing that presently)

Also, grew up stating I´d be the next Mary Tyler More(for those old enough to know) and currently although, it isn´t journalism it is writing, and being a published Author!

I also said I´d love to visit Africa and in 2-3 years I will be going there as soon as I get my passport together. I also said, that I desired to be on TV and for people to know me and what I was about Well Angels, BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE will be streaming on Apple Plus, Disney, & Roku TV.

Also, I said as a Adopted child that I´d make an attempt to find my Birth Mother and grace be to God at 28 I took that leap of faith and went for it! God supplied the money and the lady to help me and Angels, 6-7 months later I met my Birth Mother and God always goes above & beyond and brought me a Birth Father too.

My point Angels, is to DREAM BIG because with Faith, Trust, & Belief in the unseen by holding true and without wavering, your ability to DREAM BIG will pay off, as I

AM living proof of it!

Go For Your Dreams Angels, your worth it, and these are only a few that I¨ve shared.......WHAT IS YOURS?


bringing people back to themselves!

©2023BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE. All rights reserved

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