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Your Experience is YOUR TRUTH demonstrated!

I have been sharing with you Angels my EXPERIENCES, and what I have come to EXPERIENCE is that it is much easier to flow with Life. When I wrote the Post GOING WITH THE FLOW I had no clue that I would actually BE EXPERIENCING IT!

And yet it is because I have EXPERIENCED it that it has shown me my TRUTH. All that is left in my mind is AM I willing to TRUST & BELIEVE what I AM being shown, and if I'm not willing to TRUST that then who or what will I TRUST!

And I say that to say to YOU Angels, that whatever it is that you may be experiencing whet er You, Society, or your Friends call it good or bad makes no difference. What matters is that your EXPERIENCES are showing you what YOUR TRUTH is, and after that is Acceptance!

And it is because I Accepted what was happening that I have been able to change it, flow with it, and have a more pleasant EXPERIENCE! Was I this way in the beginning, NO and yet I chose to change! Key word-Chose! And we are always in all-ways at choice!

Also because I chose a different way I have had new opportunities to meet people and also an opportunity TO NOT take myself down an old path! Also, a teacher of mine gave me a whole new perspective on the situation by me looking at it as receiving something new instead of trying to "fix" or "hang onto" what was!

I KNOW you hear me. So where in your life can you listen more to what your EXPERIENCES are showing you? It may not feel good to begin with but I promise you if you allow yourself to flow through it you can do NO-THING except come out the other side a winner! Which is why.....YOUR EXPERIENCES ARE YOUR TRUTH!


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